Why should I bring my gym to Rockstar Championships?

Rockstar Championships produces high energy, on-time and fun spirit event. Rockstar events create unique experiences for our customers.

Is Rockstar Championships a member of the USASF?

No, but we do follow ALL industry-standard guidelines and rules regarding competitive all-star cheer & dance.

Is there anything that separates Rockstar from the BIG BRANDED event producers?

YES! We pride ourselves on customer service, and you will always have an opportunity to speak to our owner or marketing director whenever you call. We will always do our best to serve you, your clients, and the spectators at our events.

Do you competitions offer individuals, duets, trios, and stunt groups?

Yes. We offer a variety of individual and group competitions in addition to our team competition at every event.

Do you charge for spectators?

Yes.  The price varies from event to event due to venue requirements.

Do you allow noisemakers, signs, and other cheer inducing objects?

YES. Cheer your group as loud as you can!